Conflict Mitigation, Stabilization, and Peace-Building

Examples of experience as a conflict mitigation specialist and in evaluating peace-building, stabilization, and social and human rights-based interventions, include the following:

  • 2019 Syria – labor market assessment in Deir Ezzor (USDOS)
  • 2019 Iraq/Kurdistan – Socio-Economic Study in the villages of Peshkabir (corporate social responsibility)
  • 2019 Syria – evaluation of the response to the Syrian crisis, and the coordination of relief and emergency aid efforts (UNICEF)
  • 2018 Somalia – final evaluation of sustainable pathways to peace in Somalia: countering violent extremism with social healing and community-based reconciliation ceremonies (USDOS)
  • 2017 Afghanistan – data quality assessment of development, health, education, governance, conflict mitigation, and agricultural projects (USAID)
  • 2016 Somalia – Girls’ Education Technical Advisor (DFID)
  • 2016 Somalia – Peace in education and TVET in crisis programming
  • 2016 Iraq/Kurdistan – Socio-Economic Study for Societal Development in Duhok (corporate social responsibility)
  • 2016 Iraq/Kurdistan – Socio-Economic Study for Societal Development in Tawke, Duhok (corporate social responsibility)
  • 2014 Somalia – Performance Evaluation of the Youth Leaders Initiative (USAID)
  • 2014-2015 Pakistan – Capacity Building of the Independent Monitoring Unit for the Pakistan Extended Regional Stabilization Initiative to counter violent extremism (CVE) (USAID)
  • 2013 Sudan – Impact Evaluation of Sudan Transition and Conflict Mitigation Program (USAID Office of Transition Initiatives)
  • 2013 Georgia – Health Rights Monitoring Strategy for the Public Defender’s Office (SIDA)
  • 2013 Sri Lanka – Evaluation of Reintegration and Stabilization in the East and North (USAID Office of Transition Initiatives)
  • 2011 Kosovo – Impact Evaluation of USAID’s Initiating Positive Change Program (USAID)
  • 2011 Afghanistan – Fact-Finding (Evaluability) Mission for the Education Support Program (Danida)
  • 2010-2011 Georgia – Georgia Monitoring Project (US Department of State)
  • 2009 Afghanistan – Evaluation of FY2008 Congressional Earmarked Funding for Women (USAID)
  • 2007 Afghanistan – Conflict Mitigation Specialist for the Local Governance and Community Development Project (USAID)
  • 2007 Liberia – Impact Evaluation of Democracy and Governance Project (USAID)
  • 2007 Liberia – Impact Evaluation of Community Peace-Building Project (USAID)
  • 2005-2006 South Sudan – Impact Evaluation of Peace-Building Programs (USAID Office of Transition Initiatives)
  • 2005 Afghanistan – Impact Evaluation of Transition Initiatives (USAID Office of Transition Initiatives)
  • 2004-2005 Liberia – Accelerated Learning for Over-aged and War Affected Youth (USAID)
  • 2003-2004 Iraq – Accelerated Learning for Out-of-School Youth (USAID)
  • 2002 Afghanistan – Capacity Building of the Ministry of Higher Education (ADB)


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