The Sudan Curse

The Sudan Curse (2009)


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THE SUDAN CURSE: 2012 National Indie Excellence Book Awards finalist in the Faction category 

The Sudanese say that they can find out how a story ends, but will never know where it began.

A fictionalised account of the author in Sudan, THE SUDAN CURSE mixes equal parts Indiana Jones-style action adventure and the wise-cracking humour of M.A.S.H. to tell the tale of Australian aid worker Jorja Himmermann and her work in Sudan as it emerges from twenty years of civil war.  Jorja arrives in the country with an ancient ring in her possession which was mysteriously placed there while she was in Cairo.  The ring acts as a prism through which she views all subsequent events – bandits, sexual predators, avalanche, bombs, diseases, snakes, flooding, stalkers, love and friendships –  prompting her to wonder if it is a positive omen or a curse for her.

THE SUDAN CURSE also relates the emotional trauma of her colleague, Ethan Kawaja, a lost boy of Sudan who returns to his homeland after twenty years in exile to assist in its development. He believes he has been cursed and Ethan believes in curses.

THE SUDAN CURSE is more than a book on the lifestyle of a foreign aid worker. It is more than an insight into complex political conflicts.  It is essential reading for anyone who wants to know more about Sudan and the human condition under crisis.

Thank you for writing a book on Sudan and for having a great interest in Africa. I found that your book is reflective of the experiences of every Sudanese refugee and migrant in the West. (J. Akec, London)

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