Program: Shakespeare 400 Conference, Tbilisi, Georgia


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International Conference

Tbilisi State University, 36 Chavchavadze Ave.

Shakespeare 400

Tbilisi 2016


Thursday, September 22 , TSU First Building, Room 212


10:30 – Registration

11:00 – Opening of the Conference


11:30 Morning session (all presentations are in English)

  1. Maya Kiasashvili – Shakespeare Lives On
  2. Elguja Khintibidze – Concerning the Name of the Main Character of Cymbeline
  3. Orde Levinson – The Rialto Dialogues – or – Shakespeare’s Heroic Jew
  4. Innes Merabishvili – The Poet’s Lameness in Sonnets and the Ways of Its Interpretation
  5. Martina Nicolls and Tamar Zhgenti – When the age is in, the wit is out – Shakespeare and Ageing


13:30 – 14:00 Coffee break


14:00 – Afternoon session (all presentations are in Georgian)

  1. Tamar Bokuchava – Shakespeare and Georgian Theatre.
  2. Lela Tsiphuria – Interpretation of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  3. Shorena Pkhakadze – Peter Otskheli: scenography for “Othello”
  4. Eter Kirtskhalia – Virginia Woolf and William Shakespeare – Dialogue 300 Years Later


Friday, September 23, TSU First Building, Room 212

10.00 – Morning session (all presentations are in English) Chaired by Martina Nicolls

  1. Keti Grdzelidze -“Were it not for the Bad Dreams” – Shakespearean Villains and Milton’s Lucifer”
  2. Ilia Patchkoria – Hamlet Waiting for Godot
  3. Eter Shavreshiani – The parodic uses of Hamlet in Iris Murdoch’s The Black Prince
  4. Eliso Pantskhava – Shakespearean Parallels and Leopold Bloom
  5. Tamar Gelashvili – From Patrick W. Shakespeare to Shikespower (Evolution of Shakespeare from Ulysses to Finnegans Wake)


14:00 Closing of the Conference: The Rustaveli Theatre (all sesssions in Georgian)

  1. Temur Kobakhidze – Once Again On the Shakespearean Title of The Sound and the Fury
  2. Konstantine Bregadze – Deconstruction of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in German Naturalism (The case of Papa Hamlet By Arno Holz and Johannes Schlaf)
  3. David MaziashviliWord as music and motion: “Shakespeare. Love” at Rustaveli Theatre
  4. Manana Gelashvili – Shakespeare in Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria


15:00 A documentary film by David Maziashvili (in Georgian) – Robert Sturua’s ‘Julius Caesar’: fragments from the stage rehearsals


16:30/17:00 Dinner

Old Metekhi Restaurant in Avlabari

Addr: 3 Metekhi Slope, Tbilisi