Martina Nicolls and Tamar Zhghenti are introducing a new Podcast series called TRIPLE TREAT BOOK CHAT.

We have created the Podcast TRIPLE TREAT BOOK CHAT to present and review 3 contemporary books under one theme.

The TRIPLE TREAT BOOK CHAT Podcast will include 3 authors and therefore 3 literary book reviews. In addition, there will be an author bio and a short excerpt from each book. We add a classic to the mix and conclude with a quote from a well-known author about the theme and how it resonates with the 3 contemporary novels.

Each Podcast will follow a theme with a triple format:

  • 3 contemporary books,
  • 3 bios,
  • 3 reviews,
  • 3 excerpts,
  • 3 questions,
  • 3 answers,
  • and 1 classic literary book. Voila!

Martina Nicolls has a collection of individual book reviews on her Feast or Famine website – HERE.

Episode 3: Georgian Poetry

In this 27 minute Podcast, Tamar and I chat about three contemporary poetry collections by poets from the country of Georgia. We’ve chosen:

Book 1: Diana Anphimiadi, Why I No Longer Write Poems (2022)

Book 2: Nike Jorjaneli, Waiting for Summer (2023)

Book 3: Paata Shamugia, Schizo-National Anthems (2023)

EPISODE 3: GEORGIAN POETRY Listen to the Podcast here.

Episode 2: Father and Son

In this 20 minute Podcast, Tamar and I chat about books related to “Father and Son.” We’ve chosen books by a Swedish author, a French author, and a Nigerian author:

Book 1: Patrik Svensson, Gospel of the Eels (2019)

Book 2: Richard Morgieve, Cheval (Horse) (2009)

Book 3: Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart (1958)

EPISODE 2: FATHER AND SON Listen to the Podcast here.

“I listened to the Podcast. I loved it! Well done. I read Chinua Achebe in French when I was in Year 10. Listening to you reminds me of some parts of the content and made me feel like reading it again. If I do, it will be in English this time:)” 

BT, Canberra, Australia

Episode 1: Island Living

In this 22 minute Podcast, Tamar and I chat about books related to “Island Living.” We’ve chosen books by a French author, an Australian author, and an American author:

Book 1: Armelle Guemas, Islanders: Memories of Holidays on an Island (2013)

Book 2: Jenni Ogden, A Drop in the Ocean (2016)

Book 3: Robin Clifford Wood, The Field House: A Writer’s Life Lost and Found on an Island in Maine (2021)

EPISODE 1: ISLAND LIVING Listen to the Podcast here.