Summary of Consultancies

Current Consultancy: KENYA: Chief of Party, USAID, Evaluation Services and Support Program

Summary of Consultancies:

Country Year Project
Afghanistan 2016-2017 (USAID) Data Quality Assessment (DQA)
Afghanistan 2014 (DAWO) Livelihoods & TVET for Women in Bamyan Province
Afghanistan 2011 (Danida) Fact-Finding Mission: Education Support Program
Afghanistan 2009 (USAID) FY2008 Congressional Earmarked Funding for Women
Afghanistan 2007 (USAID) Local Governance & Community Development
Afghanistan 2005 (USAID) Impact Evaluation: USAID/OTI Projects
Afghanistan 2002 (ADB) Capacity Building of the Ministry of Higher Education
Bangladesh 2007, 2008, 2009 (EU) Joint Annual Review: Primary Education Program II
Bangladesh 2003 (ADB) Female Secondary School Project: Gender Access & Equity
Botswana 2005 (EU) Outcome Indicators for Education Sector Policy
Cambodia, Senegal, Myanmar Madagascar 2018-2019 (UNICEF) Evaluation, Pilot, Capacity Development for Education (CapED)
Cambodia 2018 (USAID) Mid-Term Performance Evaluation: Trafficking-In-Persons
Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam 2013 (AusAID) Performance Evaluation: Project Childhood
China 1999 (Monash University) Establishment of Partnering Projects
East Africa 2008-2009 (USDOL) Evaluation Kenya Uganda Rwanda Ethiopia Child Labor
Georgia 2013 (SIDA) Health Rights Monitoring for the Public Defender’s Office
Georgia 2010-2011 (USDOS) Georgia Monitoring Project
Global 2010 (USDOL) Income Generating Activities to Combat Child Labor
India 2009 (USDOL/ILO) Eliminating Child Labor in India
Indonesia 2014-2015 (ADB) Education Analytical & Capacity Development Partnership
Indonesia 2009 (USAID) Gap Analysis: Pre-Service & In-Service Teacher Training
Iraq/Kurdistan 2016 (DNO) Socio-economic Study, Community Development in Duhok (CSR)
Iraq/Kurdistan 2016 (TAQA) Socio-economic Study for Social Development in Duhok (CSR)
Iraq/Kurdistan 2012-2013 (USAID) Situational Analysis of Basic Education
Iraq/USA 2006 (USAID) Iraq Data Quality Assessment (DQA)
Iraq 2003-2004 (USAID) Accelerated Learning of Out-of-School Youth
Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey 2018 (UNICEF) Evaluation, No Lost Generation (Middle East response to Syria)
Kashmir 2002 (WB) Northern Education Project
Kashmir 2001-2003 (WB) Northern Education Project: Curriculum Development
Kenya 2017-2018 (USAID) Evaluation Services & Program Support
Kenya 2016 (DFID) Girls’ Education Challenge – Educate Girls, End Poverty
Kenya 2014 (USAID) Performance Evaluation National Health Capacity Building
Kosovo 2011 (USAID) Impact Evaluation of Initiating Positive Change Program
Liberia 2008 (USDOL) Performance Evaluation: Child Labor
Liberia 2007 (USAID) Impact Evaluation: Democracy & Governance Project
Liberia 2007 (USAID) Impact Evaluation: Community Peace-Building
Liberia 2006-2007 (EU) Performance Evaluation: EC’s Institutional Support Program
Liberia 2004-2005 (USAID) Accelerated Learning of Over-Aged & War Affected Youth
Mauritius 2014 (EU) Research: Academic Achievement Differences: Girls & Boys
Mongolia 2010 (MCC) TVET Competitive Grants Administration Program
Morocco 2015 (MCC) Artisan Fez Medina Project: Functional Literacy & TVET
Nepal 2013 (USDOL) Impact Evaluation: Child Labor
Nepal 2011 (USDOL) Performance Evaluation: Child Labor
Nepal 2003 (ADB) Teacher Education Project
Pakistan 2014-2015 (USAID/OTI) Regional Stabilization Initiative: Capacity Building
Pakistan 2011-2012 (USAID) M&E Performance Plan – Data Quality Assessment
Pakistan 2001-2003 (ADB) Girls Primary Education Development Project
PNG 2012 (AusAID) Evaluation University PNG Capacity Development
PNG 1986 (Wewak Teachers’ College) Teacher Training: Mathematics
Sierra Leone 2008 (USDOL) Performance Evaluation: Child Labor
Somalia 2018 (USDOS) Evaluation of Sustainable Pathways to Peace in Somalia
Somalia 2016 (DFID) Girls’ Education Challenge
Somalia 2016 (USAID) Scoping Mission Advancing Basic Education Access
Somalia 2014 (USAID) Performance Evaluation: Youth Leadership
South Sudan 2008 (USAID) Gender Equity in Education Scholarship Project
South Sudan 2006 (USAID) EQUIP2 Sudan Technical Advisors Project
South Sudan 2005-2006 (USAID) Impact Evaluation: USAID/OTI Peace-Building Programs
Sri Lanka 2013 (USAID/OTI) Reintegration & Stabilization in East/ North
Sudan (Darfur) 2009 (Global Relief Alliance) Nutrition and Food Security Study
Sudan 2013 (USAID) Impact Evaluation Sudan Transition & Conflict Mitigation
Sudan 2006 (Danida) Revision of UNDP Poverty Alleviation Governance
Syria 2003 (UNHCR) Volunteer Emergency Relief
Uganda 2009-2010 (USDOL) Evaluation: Livelihoods, Education & Protection

Extensive experience in project management, monitoring and evaluation, data quality assessments, database management, statistical analysis, strategic planning, facilitating participatory reviews, and programming focused on gender and cultural issues.

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E): qualitative & quantitative evidence-based & results-based evaluations (RBM); performance & impact evaluations; participatory M&E; situational analysis; baselines; longitudinal studies; database design & management; data quality assessments & audits (DQA); program evaluations (emergency relief/disaster to recovery, transitional, and development); M&E capacity development/training

Education: primary/basic, secondary, higher education/tertiary; girls’ education; literacy and numeracy; leadership/management; vocational (TVET), youth employment & empowerment & public-private partnerships; teacher training; accelerated learning; educational statistics (EMIS); scholarship programs; curriculum development

Peace & Security: stabilization; reintegration; peace building; conflict mitigation; recovery; transition; positive change; social cohesion; M&E of peace-building programs; mediation and negotiation

Other: health (HMIS, institutional strengthening, capacity building), gender; child labor/trafficking; project management; small grants management; institutional strengthening; financial & resource planning; livelihoods/income-generation; community/rural development.


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3. Monitoring & Evaluation (project, program, regional & country)
5. Education (basic, primary & secondary, accelerated & alternative innovations)
6. Vocational Education (TVET), Skills Development & Labor Gap Assessments
9. Gender Equity (particularly boys and girls education)